Document Understanding - Confidence score missing


I’m checking the confidence score for each fields I extract and raise a validation station based on the score. However if it doesn’t find a confidence for a field thats missing but this is throwing my if statement and saying its outside the bounds of the array. How can I raise the validation station if a field is missing or the confidence is below a certain value?


Please use Document understanding Template, Go to Studio Backstage view and select DU template. it will clear all your doubts.

Yeah I’m using it. But I want to only send it to the validation station/ action center if the confidence is below 70% or the value is missing.

Hi @Vicky_Fegan1

Please find the attached xaml , hope this is what you were looking for.
Sequence2.xaml (41.0 KB)


Use Export Extraction results activity and enable the include confidence in the properties. Now, you can get this data into data tables and then start doing operations like cal conf score or see if any data is missing