Document Understanding Field confidence level


So we are trying to acheive confidence level check for all fields (or for most) in an invoice receipt.
By The flowchart of confidence that we have used, the BOT moves on to check confidence for the next available field in the flowchart only when the first condition is true, however If False (Confidence low) it moves on send this to action centre and proceeds as below.
Once processed from action centre the document moves on to human validation and then the process continues to feed invoice to next steps. however BOT never comes back to check confidence of other fields if the first one turns out to be low confidence.
Can you please provide an idea of how you guys implemented this - thanks

Next steps

@mtu - Mike as i can see you have been using this for a while - can you please share your thoughts for best way of acheiving confidence check for all feilds

@Saurabh_Grover Can you tell us what is the kind of Confidence check that you are performing, Are you checking if the confidence of all the fields is above some value ? Is that value going to be the same for all fields. Also do you only have fields in your document and no tables ?