Document understanding item in valid fields with low confidence


I have an issue with the Valid Fields in the action center. Fields with lower confidence then 98% still apear in Valid Fields and not in Fields to validate. How can I change this?

Hi @Dion

Every extracted item is visible in action center if it has good confidence score but it shows in valid fields, the fields which are not extracting with low confidence score it will shown in fields to validate.

In your case, the kostenplaats is one of the item which has to validate that’s why this file is came to the action center.

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The confidence is to low foor “Naam Leverancier” so I do not want it to show in Valdi Fields.

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Then you have to write the condition in the code only.

Hope you understand!! @Dion

No i do not, thats why I ask the question here


Then you can set up the ConfidenceScore in
Data Extraction Scop, so if you mention 98% then what ever the fields having higher confidence score it will show above fields in validation station incase it having lower confidence below 98% it will not show in validation station it will show just blank thats it …

Hope it may work for you because i have the same situation previous sooo

Cheers @Dion . . . .

I have it set ar 0% but it stil is in Valid Fields:


H! @Dion

Yeah you can mention the percentage there instead of 0% percentage mention 98%
And then you can run the bot


Does not work either. When it is below 98% it is still in Valid Fields

Hi @Dion ,

I believe the condition applied is present within the Taxonomy Manager for each fields, an update released sometime ago last year could be the conditions applied :

It is not validating based on Confidence value but other conditions such as field value being empty only to be validated.

Yes. I use these rules but I want a item where the model is not confident enough to show in the TO validate Fields. I think this should be possible but the documentation is not clear

H! @Dion

if we give percentage Data Extraction scope in Configure Extractors it will work,
I will sharing the screenshots.

For example : if we see pan it giving 98% and Grand Total also 98% without percentage,
after i have given percentage in Configure Extractors it will in blank you can see in the screen shot with green colour

Hopes it may help you !

Yes, thnx. I have that as well but I do not want the item to show “not extracted”. I want to data to it is 98% sure about to still be there, that way my colleagues do not have to scrape it again but it is pretty sure it did it right. Is that possible?


It was not possible in such way that your thinking.

but after extraction based on condition we can remove the fields with lower confidence.

Cheers…! @Dion