Document Understanding - any particular example available please?

Hello community,

is there any particular example about how to use Document understanding activities please? Yes, there is lots of videos and articles, but still, xaml example with particular invoice or purchase order would help a lot. Xaml example with usage of activities like Load Taxonomy, Digitize Document, OmniPage OCR, Classify Document Scope or Keyword Based Classifier…

Thank you

Regards, M.

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Please check below code.
wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB) Main.xaml (23.8 KB)

Thank you Lakshay. I tried to open in Studio, but, although I installed all necessary packages, it always returns error, like below. Would you have any idea why is it so please (I installed uipath.intelligentocr.activities but I can’t find MicrosoftOCR within Packages)

Could not find member ‘ForceApplyOCR’ in type ‘’. Row: 138, Column: 167
Could not find member ‘Output’ in type ‘’. Row: 144, Column: 66
Could not find member ‘ComputeSkewAngle’ in type ‘’. Row: 144, Column: 100
Could not find type ‘MachineLearningExtractor’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 157, Column: 24

Thank you, M.

Please repair your dependencies, in project explorer window. All dependencies will be auto picked from there.

@Mariansson - I have attached a sample xaml file for document understanding with two example documents. I have developed in studio 19 which requires following packages to be installed.

    (1) UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities
    (2) UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities  v20.4.1
    (3) UiPath.OmniPage.Activities (2.8 MB)

Please find it helpful.


The problem is probably on my side - we use older Studio, where I can’t install the newest version of packaged you refer. Anyway, thank you both!


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