Build Taxonomy error

Hello, I am very new to uipatch. Can you tell me why this error is in red?


Hello there, and Welcome to our Forum!

To start building document understanding workflows, I strongly recommend that you use the “Taxonomy Manager” wizard that appears in the top bar of your Studio (next to the Recorder somewhere) after you install the IntelligentOCR package.

I also strongly recommend that you do not use the “Extract Semi-Structured Document…” activity from the Go! marketplace, but instead use the officially supported, core package UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities package, and the Machine Learning Extractor activity within that package.

To get you started, please have a look at this how-to page that contains two workflows built using the doc processing workflow of UiPath (one with Action Center integration in Orchestrator, one with the attended activity “Present Validation Station”).

Hope this helps,