Document Understanding - Is there a step-by-step guide or resource available?

I am trying to practice on Position-Based extractor and how it may read a document that I am working on. Is there a detailed walkthrough of this activities package?
IntelligentOCR is the main package, I am looking for things detailing how and in what sequence should one use the activities such as:
Classify Document Scope
Data Extraction Scope
Load Taxonomy (where to get the taxonomy)
Position Based Extractor (It doesn’t let me ‘Create’ template, only shows the ‘Import’ button)

I am sorry if this topic doesn’t belong here. I have looked through UiPath academy, searched for relevant keywords on forums and even gone to YouTube as a last resort. Although, the YouTube video is not clear about things before or after ‘Document Understanding’ scope.

Thanks for any help in advance!

The UiPath Activities Guide has a lot of information about the IntelligentOCR activities in question.
Also, the Taxonomy Manager can be found in the ‘Design’ tab ribbon, next to UiExplorer.

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