Merging Export Extraction Result for Each Item in a Sequence

Dear Community,

Please I need help with completing a document understanding project. The objective of the project is to extract specific information from several structured documents (tickets) using the Intelligent Form Extractor. I am facing some challenges at the “Merge Data Table” stage. I keep getting the Compiler error(s). Please see the snapshot below for reference.

I really need your help to complete this project.

Thanks in anticipation.


@Victor.sabo - I guess/think you have to loop through exported dataset and write output first…Please check my setup below…

Hi @prasath17,

Thanks for your response.

Would the workbook path be the same for all the items to be captured?



@prasath17, I eventually figured a way out.

First, for the Merge Data Table activity, I edited the Source field as DataSet.Table(0) to take care of the error. See below

This is to merge the output that I get from the Export Extraction Results activity with the blank table generated at the beginning of the For Each activity using the Build Data Table activity. I named the blank table dtOutput.

Then, I inserted another Merge Data Table activity to add the result I get from extraction into another blank table outside the For Each activity which I called Final_Table. See image below

Here is the final workflow of my work.

Thanks guys for your support.

You rock!

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