Do you have any recommend if we are not able to enabling SAP script to detect element?

Hi everyone,

Due to we worried that enabling SAP script may have some impact with SAP, we have to research some evedence to allow us.

Is enabling SAP script have some impact or issue with SAP?
If not, please give me a reason because I have talk with them.
if yes, how to detect SAP element in difference way?

Thank you.

HI @Norrapat_Thongnop

I am doing SAP automation for more than 10 years and hearing such customer worries almost on daily basis. I fully understand your worries, but the good news is they this topic can be easily clarified.

So, lets consider some aspects:

  1. Enabling SAP WinGUI API scripting allows you to create reliable automations for the SAP WinGUI.
    It means you will get an SAP automation which is running today, tomorrow, in one week and not breaking every time because of changing elements position, elements views and, and, and…

  2. In relation to any security concerns, the SAP server sees no difference between SAP WinGUI communication generated by a script and the one generated by a user. The script has the same rights to run SAP transactions and enter data, just like a user would

  3. The SAP Scripting security guide from SAP explain the whole concept

  4. SAP API Scripting can be allowed for the whole SAP instance or even for a single user.

  5. You are not alone, there are thousands of companies using SAP Scripting in their systems :slight_smile:

UiPath Computer Vision could be used in the case, when the SAP scripting is not allowed. See more here: AI Computer Vision for RPA | UiPath

Hope this help you

Best regards, Lev