Do we need any programming language to know before working with UiPath Studio?

Can anyone please tell me do we need any programming language to know before working with UiPath Studio, Let say if we want develop some automation from scratch rather than drag and drops then what language UiPath Workspace supports to do development ?

HI @Nikhil_Kumar_Meena

Basically you can develop your projects with VB and C#

You don’t need to have in-depth knowledge in any programming languages to learn UIPath

If you know some basic about any programming that will be helpful for you to understand the things better


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No need to have any programming background. you can simply learn UiPath.

Enroll for this courses from UiPath Academy!


1.RPA Starter-> Introduction to RPA and Automation

2.RPA Foundation-> Get Started with RPA Development (v2019.4)

3.RPA Continueous Learning-> RPA Developer Continuous Learning

4.RPA Advanced-> RPA Developer Advanced

5.RPA REFramework Practice->Practice with ReFramework


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Actually don’t need to depth knowledge in any programming language.
only basic knowledge and logical skill is important to learn RPA.
and the good knowledge on excel,vba and C# is an advantage.
Thank you

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I disagree. You do need basic programming knowledge - what’s a for/each, what’s an If, etc?


Hi Thiru,

Is there any other resource to practice ReFramework?
I just finish the Advanced course.