How to Fully Use UiPath for Non-Programmers

Hello, thank you always for the time given for reading or even replying!

I began to learn UiPath by doing recordings, and one aspect that charms the others too I think, is that even non-developers, can make some automations too! (many around me started the same too).

But as most of all probably feel too by now, I feel that soon or later to build a real automation UiPath, I need to learn programming. Whether it is, or VBS. But for now, learning from basic seems scary, and all I wanted to do is developing UiPath, but for as for now there are some things we cannot do without programming, we need to learn a bit ( I read a bit basics about variables, operations etc, and it seems like it will take months before I can implement it to UiPath, and I feel like I might not be using them all).

So my question is, is there any advice on what to learn (or what should be the priority since it seems we can use VB using Invoke Code, VBS too, and seems like building Custom Activity is done via VB Studio if I’m not wrong)? Hopefully something can be implemented in UiPath, as the main purpose is to build in UiPath not VB.

Would appreciate any advice on this, thank you.

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Hello @whyyouandi
UiPath is user friendly RPA tool. You don’t need to learn fully VBS or VB.Net. Perhaps if you know the logic then you can implement UiPath.
Example: if you want to use Split Function you have to write code like this in VB:

Where as in UiPath you can use Split Activity as follows:

to use these logic activity elements you just need to know right design of your Automation.
if you are good in Designing then development in UiPath will be at your finger tips.

Hope my inputs are useful.

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Hi @rkelchuri, thank you for your response!
Yes, I can see the activities (and it helps a lot). But still I feel like there are some untouchable capabilities I’m missing when not coding, and in real not understanding it makes it difficult (especially complex datatable filtering) so I thought to learn about it a bit, but wondering where should I start.