Do we need orchestrator pre-requisite for unattended robot development?

Do we need orchestrator pre-requisite for unattended robot development?

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Yes Orchestrator is pre requisite for Unattended BOT. Because we need to login to the system and then we have to run the process right. So, Unattended BOT will do this.

Beside unattended robots
Usually a robot can be triggered in three ways
—either from Robot Tray
—with Orchestrator Jobs tab
—with Schedule option from schedule tab in orchestrator

Now Let’s go one by one
—so out of these Robot tray can be accessed only when we open the instance where we are going to run the process like we need to open the machine and then only trigger, and moreover Robot is not connected to Orchestrator, processes from the %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages folder are displayed
—While the next two ways of triggering doesn’t require us to get to the instance we can directly go to the orchestrator web application and trigger the process

Now the basic difference between attended and unattended bot is that if there is a human intervention is required when the process is running then it’s called attended else if there is no human intervention required while process runs that is user doesn’t need to pass any input or click to the screen then it’s called as unattended robots

So all the three ways of triggering is possible with a unattended bot…which means first one robot tray doesn’t need Orchestrator while other two requires orchestrator

Finally unattened robots can be ran either with or without orchestrator

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Kindly correct me if I am wrong and let know for any queries or clarification

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Hi @Palaniyappan,

If we install UiPath Studio community version, then which bot is existing inside by default.
“Unattended or attended”

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Both of them prevails By default buddy
Cheers @Pradeep4

Hello @Palaniyappan

Does that mean
Unattended Robot is equivalent to an Attended bot if we do not use orchestrator.
As without orchestrator unattended bot also can only be triggered from robot tray.

Yah literally that sounds same
If no orchestrator is used then unattended can be either triggered from studio or from robot tray which is same as attended


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