Do I really need uipath orchestrator? how many processes do you run on your orchestrator?

Hi All

We are a medium size company with 6 uipath attended robots, and we have around 10 processes in total, each of them only need to run once a week and the data volume is quite small.

I just wondering do we really need to have orchestrator, so I listed some in here:

And turns out that I think we don’t need that for now, but I am not sure when can be the correct time to start using it?

How many robots and processes are you running with the orchestrator?

When do you start to think that you need to have one?

Any idea sharing is appreciated


Hi @jingwang0222,
I think you asked wrong question. It not like “Do I need?”, it’s rather “Why I need?”.
First of all Orchestrator allows you to use Unattended robot. User doesn’t needs to be logged into system to allow robot do the job. You have full overview on all robots and what they are currently doing. You have possibility to catch the logs and use additional software to monitor this. And finally security. You can develop your process so it will get all variables (including secure passwords) from orchestrator so your project can be available for all and in case it will go to someone who shouldn’t see it, you data is still secured :slight_smile:

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Hi Pablito, thanks for explanation, we do not have unattended bot and don’t have that requriements for now. So your advice is that when I really need unattended bot, then I can consider to have orchestrator?
Because as I listed, most of advantages of orchestrator is not needed for our current team.

I post this on the forum because I am thinking, when do I really need orchestrator?
example 1, when I need unattended bot
example 2, when I have more than 20 workflows need to be managed?
example 3, when I have more than 10 attended bots?

How does your company made that decision?

I would rather say that Orchestrator is needed when you realized that there is some functionality which could help you with something. If currently all your workflows are running and you feel that nothing more is needed then it’s ok :slight_smile: