Getting started with Orchestrator

Hi, we’re just getting started with Orchestrator - does the person installing and using Orchestrator have to have Studio aswell ? We have two people building in Studio but a third person who will run and monitor automations, but I’m not sure if this will work ? Thanks

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Orchestrator is nothing but centralized server and also it is web based application and you can access it from any where. We will use Orchestrator to trigger our BOTS developed using UIPath Studio and to monitor our BOTS etc…

UiPath usually comes with two components like one is studio and another one is Robot
Where as the third component ORCHESTRATOR is a web based application
That is it can be opened in a server with web browser

When a company wants its process to be ran in a unattended way that is without human intervention they will setup studio and robot in one machine
And orchestrator alone in another machine

So that once after developing the process and getting published to orchestrator we can run the process in this system in a unattended way without human intervention, as we are running it from another system having orchestrator alone

Which implies that it is possible to have orchestrator alone in a system

For more details on orchestrator

Cheers @Fi_Price