Divide double by double


I want to divide 2 numbers together and both are double.
So like 60.8/7.6 = 8

But my problem is when I do this in assign activity, it gives me this error:
“Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from ‘Double’ to ‘Long’”

my variable theDays is set to Double, I tried to change it to Long but can’t seem to find it in the variable type. Please help me with this.

Thanks in advance!


Do you want to simply divide 2 double number? If so, you need to use / operator instead of \ operator. Can you try this?


For long, set the variable type as Int64.

Browse Types >> Search System.Int64


Hi @mimuhrin

Can u try like this

theDays = CDbl(row(“Work Hours”))/CDbl(row(“Days”))


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