How to divide the 2 values when the type of the 2 values are double

Hi team,

I have 3 variables

A is of type double
B,C are also type of double.
I have to divide B\C
And then I have to compare the A with the value I get by dividing B/C

If I use A = B \ C
I get an error saying strics disallow from double to long

How to resolve this?


A = CDbl(B) / CDbl(C)

What does this CDbl means?


Convert to double dividing means you have to give “/”

Hi @Bhagyashree_S

You can use this:


CDbl() is a conversion function that converts an expression to a Double data type.


Hi @Bhagyashree_S

Have a look at below example:
I have taken three variable A, B, C which are of datatype System.Double

Used syntax in Assign is:

A= CDbl(B/C)

Hope this will make you understand better,.



If your problem rectifies mark it as solution so the loop closes

After using CDbl .still I am getting same error

Oh ok…I had used \ instead of / .now it’s working fine.

Thank u so much

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You’re welcome @Bhagyashree_S

Happy Automation!!

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