Display number of transactions left for an attended robot

I want to display the number of transactions left in an attended automation, so that the one who starts the automation can keep track of how many items are left.

For example if there are 50 transaction items left in the queue I want the automation-starter to be able to see it so they know approximately how long time there is left on the run.

I know you are able to grab the number of items left in the queue, the problem is that I don’t know how to display it in a dynamic way.

Are there any smooth ways to do this?


Use activity Get Queue Item and get a count of new items from the output of this activity.


Thanks for the quick response!
This only allows me to see it in Studio as an output, right?

I want the person who are using “UiPath Assistant” to start the automation to be able to see how many queue items are left.


Hey, you can display it to the user in a message box activity, will that do?

Not really. That stops the automation, I would like it to keep going.


In message box you have an auto close option and you can set a timer


Hi @Olle_Andersson

You can try this-

  • Create a custom user interface using UiPath Forms or any other UI framework.
  • Design the interface to display the count dynamically.
  • Use the Get Asset activity to retrieve the value of the “TransactionCount” asset.
  • Update the UI with the retrieved value whenever needed.