Display logs when process executed in CMD line


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I am executing UIPath process from Command line (UIrobot XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) , now i need to display info logs , as how i mentioned in the process , is there anyway.



Just execute two commands using the ampersand command as described here.


Hi @redlynx82
How to display info log while executing my process(Main Xaml) with cmd line .


Do you want to open the log while the robot executes, or after the process finishes?
Here’s an example using the ampersand syntax. Using two ampersand means the second command is executed only if the first one finishes correctly (i.e. error code 0 to stdout IIRC). This outputs “foo” to stdout and then opens the execution log (in my case from April 20). Replace echo "foo" with your call to the robot.

echo "foo" && notepad "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs\2019-04-20_Execution.log"


Hi @redlynx82
Thak you for the inputs ,

I need to differentiate logs for exactly this process , I need logs of robot for a job , how u can see in Orchestra-tor similar way , stream the logs while executing , not after everything done.



Please elaborate. I am not sure I understand what you have in mind.


Hi @redlynx82
When i run a process , logs should stream like whenever it hits the writeline or write log , not to open a text /log file


UiPath uses NLog for all its logging purposes. You can make use of so-called targets to log to almost any destination, here are just some of them: https://github.com/NLog/NLog/wiki/Targets-and-Wrappers

Make your changes in the local Nlog.xml file, the destination depends whether you use Enterprise or CE.