Display data from a list of lists


I want to display the data from a list of lists.

Here is my code:

I looked with debug and the list of lists is filled correctly, but when i want to dislay it, when it goes to “item” it’s empty.


Outer For Loop - Type argument should be List of List(String)

Inner For Loop - Type argument should be List(String)

But you provided wrongly here. Please check once and then try.

I did it that way and it gave me error saying cannot convert from List of List(String) to List(String) in the outer for loop and that cannot convert from List(String) to String in the inner for loop.

And right now i don’t have any error just the “item” is empty

what does item look like? if it was comma seperated I would do item.tostring.split(","C) and use this for each? the comma can be changed to denote how the list within a list is separated i.e. item.tostring.split(environment.newline)

I am able get the correct output from the code as per the your screenshot.

So Please check input for the outer foreach.

Now i realised, that the problem is with “Invoke Code” activity, when i do a breakpoint on it and i am debugging, i see the list of lists filled correctly, but when i do a breakpoint on a activity after the “Invoke code” the list of lists is empty, but at arguments i have the list of lists type on “In/Out” … what can be the problem? Why my list of lists is empty when it is outside of the “Invoke code” activity?

Stupid question but you are assigning the output to a Variable? something like this on the invoke code arguments?


Never mind, the problem was that i had a piece of code that deleted the list that i was adding, this code was after the adding in the list of lists, and i moved it before it and worked, i thought after i added to the lists of lists i can delete the list but it seems no. Anyway thank you for trying to help me, i appreciate it, have a nice day.

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