How can i use all the datatype inside List and how can i convert <Object> to String

Hi team,

I just wanted to explore list concepts more, Will you guys tell me how can i use all the datatypes inside the List like MyList={1,“String”,[Arr1,Arr2,Arr3]}; Also tell me how can i pass Array also a item in list from Add Collection Activity?
If it wrong correct me that i got to know from forum like use listof objects!

And if i want to iterate the items using for each after adding all the datatypes in a List. Then i want to print the typeof(Element) as well the items in message box.

Also If possible tell me that how can i convert list of objects into String

Will you guys please help me that how can i handle this? and If possible share some workflow.

Thanks for the time and efforts,


I’m not sure about the issue you have but just a thing I know is, list is something like array which will contain a single type of data in it @Sriram07. Not sure about if we can add two different types

And object to string is simply object.tostring will help :slight_smile:

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