Pass List string into invoke VBA code

Hi Everyone.

I have an list of string and want to pass into the invoke code VBA as attached pictured.

But it has something wrong so run not correct.

It has any incorrect point ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mr.H ,

Your passing list of string so you have to use

List(Of String) instead of string in function. Please try. Thanks.

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Hi Bro.

How to pass it into list(of string) into the invoke code??

Could you pls example.

Thanks you!

Sub Main(List_Jump_Range As List(Of String) ) give like this and try. I never used invoke VBA code. I have used invoke code and write vb code into it.

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Thanks you Bro. But it not correct…

Hi @Mr.H ,

Have you Checked the below post :

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Thanks you Bro!

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Replying to your mail

  1. declare new variable test

  2. assign
    test = String.Join(“&&”,Jump_Range)

  3. change entryMethodParameters to {test}

  4. change Vba…

sub main(list_jump_range as string)
Dim Result() As String
Result = Split(list_jump_range, "&&")

Dim item as string
For Each item in Result
    'msgbox item
Next item

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