Dispatcher + Performer as one Package

Hi all,

I created two processes (Dispatcher and Performer), each with separate project files.

Can it be uploaded to the Orchestrator as one package and run it in a way that it will run dispatcher first, then the performer?

Or is it a better option to upload them separately and set the performer on a trigger?

Any possible solution is very much appreciated.



You can do one thing. combine both processes and Invoke performer process at the end of Dispatcher process.

Are you referring to Start Job?

Hi @avlavarias

I believe this is what you are looking for :slight_smile:


This will allow you to run the two processes in the order that you define…

I personally believe that rather than bundling the solutions into one big solution, having them separate is good practice. Also, we can use such controller to run the processes in the order we need. So the controller is the one we execute and it take care of all the processes included in its execution list


invoke main.xaml of performer at end of dispatcher

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