Way to run multiple published packages after another

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Let’s say I have two or more published packages
(e.g Dispatcher and Performer)

What are the ways that I could run one after the other automatically?

Any hints would help! Thanks as always!

@marci080 There is an Idea of Executing Process of the Main.xaml of Performer in Dispatcher’s Finally Block :sweat_smile:

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simple we can place them in same workflow one after the another
either in sequence or in flowchart or in state template
but as a single project placed one after the another which would let the process to run automatically one after the another

Cheers @marci080

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@supermanPunch @Palaniyappan
Thank you so much for taking time to answer my weird question.

Though I tried to call them together in one Main workflow,
but the issue of the SubProcess or Framework folder structure/path happens,
since they are not usually set in absolute path (in Invoke Workflow).

My objective was to have the options of

  1. running them individually with their published packages and
  2. running them one after another,
    without creating two code versions (just for the sake of the folder structure)

I guess there is no way…

if sometimes if the first process takes more time than usual
then it would let the process to wait until it gets completed, and that would fine either…
but make sure that schedule is set with average time gap between each process after lot of testing

this would be fine but again same as above

Cheers @marci080

You could set scheduled jobs for the dispatcher and performer with Cron Expression. Setting the Performer 01 ms after the dispatcher =D

0 0 14 ? * THU * - Dispatcher
1 0 14 ? * THU * - Performer

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If you dont have the Orchestrator you can also have the dispatcher call the performer at its end using the Start Job activity.

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