Doubleclick on an Error in console should open the activity that has thrown it

In UIPath Studio when you run an application the output contains occasionally red colored text that is from errors thrown. Occasionally, if not captured, the workflow will have stopped there.

It would be useful in terms of productivity if one was able to double click entries in the ‘Output’ pane, and that would immediately bring you to the activity that has thrown that exception, and when needed automatically opening the workflow file.

hi @zbalint

can you please share screen shot.

Currently when you double click a line in the UIPath Studio Output pane you get a popup with the contents of that line. Most of the time not adding value. Instead, I would like a way to click (or right click and select) a line to navigate directly to the activity that has thrown the error or written that line.

That would actually be a very nice idea - especially for new users! :=)
Good tip - keep it up!

Good Idea!
I was also thinking about adding a method to ‘Exception’ class (like exception.source) that would show you full path to activity that caused exception or even the Display name of the activity as set by dev
For example in try catch you could then do Log message like:
"Unexpected error: " + exception.Message + Environment.NewLine + “At activity: " + exception.Source”

And it would give you:
"Unexpected error: Index out of range
At activity: Main > Try Catch > Main > Init > AssignArray

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This would be really usefull - several times I could have used this in big workflows.

Good topic. Normally when i am doing testing or scripting I always rename the activity or add log msg to track on activites which has worked or which got crash. If any activity got crash it will give me the name of that activity{whatever name i have given to it} in output and then easy for to go jump to that activity.



Great move @daljit_parmar - I will try and do this from now on.

That is useful if your workflow has a fatal fail and you ran it on your own desktop.
In my case, most of the time I have try-catch blocks, so a workflow log may have suffered several error exceptions during its execution and there was still no such popup. the error location I would like to investigate post run.

same goes in case the workflow was run from an orchestrator, and you have access to the logs the next day.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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Hi Pablito - I’m new to UiPath and going through the developer training for evaluation purposes. I’m disappointed with the design time error notifications. Some type of “go to” function from the Error List would be super helpful. You might also have the team consider highlighting exceptions with a red border along with the blue(?) icons.