Disable "X" buttton (close button) in message box

Hi all,

Question: I know that when programming in VBA for excel you can disable the “X” button so as to prevent the user from closing a message box without clicking “Cancel”. Is it possible to do the same in UiPath when working with message boxes?

In particular, I want to force my users to select either “Yes” or “No” from the message box, triggering one of two results based on their selection. I wanted to try and disable the “X” button though so that a “yes” or “no” value is always guaranteed and the workflow will run as expected

Did some googling and I did not find any material on this, so I am thinking the answer might be no, but wanted to see if anyone had experience with a similar issue. Thanks!

Hi @oliviamga2

you could try “InvokeCode” activity to do this.

Ah very cool. Thank you for the suggestion! Could you please share what that would look like?

By the way…i just see that the “X” is already greyedout when u use “YesNo”…this is the easier solution. :smiley:



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Haha! Perfect. Should have probably noticed that myself before asking. Thank you all the same!

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