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Hello, I am creating a workflow using that consists of looping of input dialog.
The input dialog contains multiple choice, it wont stop if didn’t stop button.
However, notice that we click on “x” , the process also wont stop, is there any ways to make the process stop once the user press on the “x” button? Or any ways to disable to x button?

The example that I currently do is this:

Hi @poppadom ,

Can we try break activity in switch case stop. Try and let us know. Thanks.

when press at the stop button, the process will stop.
But the problem I wanted to ask is that cause the user dialog is in the loop, when press the “x” button, although it close, but it will reopen the message box again.

Thus, wonder is there any other ways to break the process by “x”
If it can’t do it, any other way(idea) to do the looping.

Assign result variables in all the switch cases then it will stop

Or should I just forgot the looping stuff and make it simple.(Just run 1 times and give the result max and min)?

@poppadom Hi,
I would request you, Please check the Do while looping condition Maybe it is not getting the exact result to break.

When you want to stop the program
Can you explain your process
So that it will be easy to guide you


Hi @poppadom ,

I would say you would have to use Assign Activity in Default case by assigning "stop" to Result variable.

Default case should be entered when there are none of the three options selected and Clicked on the Close Button. It means the Result variable is Empty.

So, Even the Default case makes the Result variable value as "stop", in turn making the Loop Stop.

In user dialog , 3 choices (max,min,stop)

using the switch
case max , message box display max value. (then, the loop will start and asking to choose the option)
case min, message box display min value. (then, the loop will start and asking to choose the option)
and case stop, it will display message box stated “You stopped the process”

When I click on the stop option, the process will end there.

But others than this 3 option, if I pressed at the “x” button , it will close and reopen again cause the condition stated stop loop when press stop

Then I wonder is there any things I can do with the “x” button

Hi @poppadom

Change condition to. Result.Equals(“stop”)

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