"Directory is not Empty" while publishing the bot..!

I was developed many bot’s by using UiPath version 2017.4.
But now i upgraded the version into 2018.4.5. few of the Bot’s showing “Directory is not Empty” error while publishing the bot into local machine.

Displayed the error message below: -


For my case, the bot was successfully published in local. Then It will show this error.
I tired to trigger the bot, It’s successfully started.

Then what is the above error message means.? It has any impact on the bot.?

Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Poovarasan2

In the assets have you given the path


Hi @AshwinS2,
My Robot was not connected to the Orchestrator.

Mine was published only in local, Kind of Attended bot.


Hi @Poovarasan2, do you have any news on this? same error here.

thanks in advance

Hi @gomesfl,
I think, you have upgraded your Uipath version and try to publish the older version bot, Right.?

If yes, There is no problem in this case. You can proceed with your further steps.
It will successfully run.


Hello @Poovarasan2 ,

I have similar kind of issue. After publishing the process it shows process published successfully and after it throws Error as “Directory is not Empty.”. But still you can schedule/Trigger process, it will not Impact in Process run. The process will run successfully.

Snehal K.

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