Dinamic URL

Hi i need to do a dynamic URL, its used for Practice 1 - Advance RPA Certification.

When the transaction change, the WIID it doenst change, WIID its mark on red.

Please help, cause this is the only error in my Practice.

A URL is just a string. You make it dynamic the same way you would any other string, for example:

http://someurl/” + someVar

ty, but i do like this,

but the trouble its when i indicate in browser it use the url the example detail hash on URL look:

so , if i use another it doenst change dynamically.

Then the value of WIID.ToString is not changing. Are you looping over a set of values?

Also, you don’t need Attach Browser inside of Use Browser. And opening the browser to a base URL then navigating to another URL also doesn’t make sense. Just put your dynamic URL into the Use Browser.

Also, normally it’s best to use Path.Combine instead of + so that you get the proper placement of / characters in the URL: