Passing a value to the url

Hello Guyz,

Iam having an url : “

Where everytime I have to change the ID=5364(It can be 7452 or 8641 or any value which I will be reading and saving from an excel file)

Please let me know how to change the ID of the url.

newUrl = String.Format("{0}&k=1", ID)


newUrl = "" + ID + "&k=1"

if url =

and replacementID (string variable) = new id

assign url = system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(url, "id=([\d]+)", replacementID )

dynamizing a link as mentioned above with String.Format approach

when dynamizing e.g. the parent selector for e.g. Open/Attach Browser we can go for wildcards or dynamic selectors:

Hello @Sanghamitra_Sahoo ,

  1. you can use a for each row in Datatable and get the id
  2. use assign activity and append the Is to“+ID.ToString+”&k=1”

ID is the variable holding the value from excel.

Then use it inside open browser or navigate