Difficulties in generating a loop using sequence mode

I’v tried to develop the flowing problem using a loo in a sequence mode:
Generate a Random Number (0,1000)
Then ask the user to guess a number
If the guess is corrrect respond with a message and stop.
Otherwise respond with higher or lower depending on user’s guess.
Could Someone help me please???


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Check this xaml, it will help you.
GuessNumber.xaml (18.2 KB)

Also, please see more about loops. This might help you

Hello Leandre,

Welcome to the forums. In order to have this loop, what you would want to do is put the input dialog and if statement inside a do while loop with the same condition as your if statement. That way it will always ask the user to guess the number at least once and will only retry if it’s the case that the number was wrong. That also makes it so that you don’t have to initialize the value of the guessed number with something, it will be populated with an actual guess in time for it to be checked.

thanks @sarathi125,
Let me check for your solution.

Thanks @dmccammond, I will try your solution.

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