Query Regarding Looping In Uipath

Hi Folks,

I need a logic for the following for loop,

I require that 910217 and 900023 are unique values, so I need to add 000000,100000,20000,30000 it should stop and then start again with 000000,100000,20000,30000 for the next unique value so that the output would look like :


The current output that I am getting is like this,


Hi How you are getting the input like 910217
is the values are in the array or from any other sources

how many values you are getting from the inputs

@Shiva_Nikhil , Thanks for your response.

I have these values in a column of a Datatable as I am reading them from an Excel

@shikharno.7 - Do you have an existing loop? I think you can do a loop inside another loop. Like this:

  1. The first loop is to loop through the contents of your Datatable. e.g. 910217, 900023. etc.
  2. The second loop is inside the first loop and loops from 000000 to 300000 only.
  3. Inside the second loop, combine the main number (e.g. 910217) and the secondary number (e.g. 000000)
  4. Do a Write Line inside the second loop to see the output.

Hope this helps!

hi @shikharno.7

firstly keep the unique values in an array_variable
then loop the array_variable
in that ,loop for-each data_table which has 4 rows(0000000,1000000,200000,300000)


@sasi_poosarla , can you share the logic in a xaml if possible ?

shared the xaml

Forum Practice.zip (3.4 KB)

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if you find any issues in that let me know

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