Different Windows And uninterrupted UiAutomation

Guys - I am working automation on an application where multiple pop ups occur intermittently. even not sure what the pop up would be (may be application / outage timings / some warning / some updates) kind off…

Any suggestions to close on whatever pop up appears while doing the UiActions? Also, i believe Attach window will more concentrate on the Attached selectors only. even though the pop up’s come or any windows open, the attached window gets focussed. but, in few cases, when the small pop up appears on top of the attached window, it still tries to do that actions behind the popup ending up in failures due to the interrupted pop-ups?

Any general advice? or ideas on get active windows/show windows? or something else which i am lagged off.


There are many avenues that can be tried only if you know at least the basic selectors of the popups that appear (window title/the button like yes/No/Cancel/Ok or what appears when the popup is blocking your main function)

Here is what you can do, have a collection of all popups that appear during your development and testing time and look for the popups in a parallel activity (it would help to know when and at what window/screen/stage of automation they might appear) and click on the button that makes it go away.

Or if there is a generic key you can press as an escape sequence then that might also work, rather than searching/looking for it all the time in every place for a button.

If there are popups that you havent encountered before then there is not much you can do about it except store the titles/collection of popup unique selectors in a delimited fashion in Orch. assets and keep adding the new popup titles to it and hope nothing new pops up the next time in prod.

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