Different SAP Toolbars


Hello Lev,
a tiny question based on your webinar yesterday.

In the documentation about the toolbars here you identify five different types of toolbars.

  1. SAP System Toolbar
  2. SAP Application Toolbar
  3. SAP Special Toolbar
  4. SAP GridTable Toolbar (ALV-Grid)
  5. SAP Generic Object Services (GOS)

In my opinion we have three technical types of toolbars

  1. GuiToolbar with the class GuiToolbar
  2. GuiShell, SubType Toolbar, with the class GuiToolbarControl
  3. GuiShell, SubType GridView, with the class GuiGridView

I would make an assignment to your classification like this:

  1. SAP System Toolbar = GuiToolbar
  2. SAP Application Toolbar = GuiToolbar
  3. SAP Special Toolbar = GuiShell, Subtype Toolbar
  4. SAP GridTable Toolbar = GuiShell, Subtype GridView
  5. SAP GOS = GuiShell, Subtype Toolbar

Is my assumption correct and, if so, is my assignment correct?

Thanks and best regards

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HI @StefanSchnell

Thanks for the bringing up a bit more technical details in the description.

Yes, you are right and assignment is correct.

Documentation reflects user need and this was the reason why I have found the transaction, which contains all kind of toolbars and made it visual for better understanding.

The conclusion for UiPath SAP users is simple: we can automate all SAP toolbars.

Best regards, Lev

PS: I love this picture, it tooks me sometime to find this nice example :slight_smile:

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Hello Lev,
thank you very much :+1:
Which transaction code contains all this toolbars?
Best regards

ME21n - ME22n - ME23n - Purchase Order

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