Difference in unattendant robot one solution keeps me loggin of the VM other does not why?

Hi I have a question: Where is the difference between when I am setting up a unattendant robot and it keeps logging me off when I start a process and when I install an unattendand robot and when I start a robot it keeps not logging me off?

I am asking this because I update the enterprise edition to the latest update. I had processes running which when the trigger startet it kept me loggin of of the VM. Now its starting directly but I have the problem that it has problems when looking for click activites. It says always Time Out reached…


It works based on ‘loginToConsole’ setting in orchestrator when you create a Robot. You can modify it to see the difference. Please refer below post.

What if this file is missing? I dont have that what should I do?

Hi @david.mitrovic

Could you please have a look at this document for a broad reference on the different types of robot installations:

Have you maybe changed the robot installation type?