Difference in license type selection in the community version

It is used by the community, and some people are allowed to select the license type among Attended or Dev, and some people do not have a license selection part.

Both are using the Pro Trial, and the version is also the same.
What’s the difference between these two?

Hi @bbbb

The main difference here is UiPath has two licensing models i.e named-user licensing and concurrent user licensing.

In named-user licensing, each user is assigned a specific license type, such as attended or developer, and only has access to the features associated with that license type. Users with an attended license can run attended automation processes, while users with a developer license can create and test automation processes in Studio.

In concurrent user licensing, licenses are shared among users and can be dynamically assigned based on user needs. Thus some users may have access to both attended and developer capabilities, depending on the license availability at the time.

In either case, the Pro Trial version of UiPath should have the same features and capabilities for both license types. The main difference is how licenses are assigned and managed.

You can refer the following doc for more insights:


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It depends mode of User License Management of AutomationCloud.

If we turn on “Enable user license management functionality” at Admin - Settings - Advanced in AutomationCloud, license options in personal automation setup will disappear. (Because it’s assigned by automation cloud settings)

note: In community edition, it seems we cannot turn off this settings.


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