Add Transaction Item and Add Queue item

Can someone explain the difference between these two with an example? I understand that Add Transaction Item can directly start the queue after adding this item?

Hi @rahulraj987
check this one : Difference between add queue item and add transaction item

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Add Queue item:
It will add items in the orchestrator queue and the status of the item in the orchestrator queue will be New.

Add Transaction Item:
Adds a new item in the queue and starts a transaction. The status of the item is set to InProgress.It seems that way but using this Activity no longer allows the GetTransactionItem activity to return the TransactionItem that was just created with the AddTransactionItem activity

I have not seen any example where we are using add transaction item. We mostly use add transaction item to add items into the queue in orchestrator with new status.

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So this Add Transaction Item: creates item and immediately processes it and then only looks for other items in the Q?


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