What is difference between a software and a robot?

I want to know what is difference between a software and a robot? (Robots used in RPA)

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Even I had the same question when I started learning uipath


The best part is I thought I m going to design a Robot :crazy_face:

Coming to the point
Robot = Software

Uipath usually comes with two components
One is Studio where we design the automation workflow for the process we want
But to execute that we need another .exe file that is what is called ROBOT
It’s like AN EXECUTABLE FILE of an application

So we design in STUDIO and run that in ROBOT and manage that in ORCHESTRATOR

For more details on ROBOTS

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@Salahuddin Just adding few things to my friends post…

Uipath Studio is also a software that is used to design the automation workflow… robot is actually a executor that executes the automation workflow. You can actually consider it as a windows service kind of thing that executes the workflow.

Orchestrator is the one that coordinates and orchestrates the automation between robots and machines and controls the execution of the processes…


The same I had been thinking of asking the Difference Between Automation and Robotics.

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Automation is a domain
The place or the platform where it is used will differ
Even a car manufacturing is a automation
Even automating a IT E2E process is automation

Same applies for Robotics
an electronic machine with limbs is again a Robotics
A Software Robot that does miracle in IT Industry is again a Robotics automating all the manual process and getting us to Digital Transformation era

But I personally like the later one
Simply amazing - UiPath

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Thanks for this information is very helpful