Difference between Orchestrator on training video and platform.uipath.com

Hi folks,
I hope to post my question on right place, however tell me where is the right place…

I still learning on RPA Developer Foundation, the module “Orchestrator for developers”. Doing pratice I go to platform.uipath.com but after accessing on my account I see a different Orchestrator layout then orchestrator that I see on video training.
These is that I see on video training

On my Platform UiPath Account

Now, I know that some parts of training modules are made with old version of UiPath but also in this case ? In which way I can do my practices on Orchestrator ? for example Services are substituted by …?

Thanks on advance

Roberto Alaimo

Got the same problem, dos anyone know a solution ?

Hi @roberto.alaimo and @Ronaldo_Komen,

With the 20.10 release, Orchestrator got the most important update. We are in the process of updating our learning content using the new product version to close the gap. Orchestrator for Developers will hopefully be ready in the next couple of weeks. I’m afraid I don’t have a clear date right now.

What you can do meanwhile:

  • Enroll to Get Started with UiPath Robots on Academy - this course offers an overview of the new Orchestrator
  • Enroll to Orchestrator 20.4 Updates on Academy - the Unattended Automation with Modern Folders should help you get a better grasp on the new way of working with modern folder Orchestrator

This will not cover all the new Orchestrator features, but it should help to a certain extent. Please follow the Forum for the announcement of the new Orchestrator for RPA Developers course.


Thank you Razvan for the information.

Now I have a technical information and I see tat I can’t open a ticket to your technical support because I have the UiPath Community version. So, if hear isn’t the right place, move this reply where I can find information on it.

I need to understand why I can’t connect to Orchestrator from my UiPath Studio. I try in all possible version (with email, configure key, ecc.) but there are always a error or an indication to avoid problem on method that I use it.

My question are:
I can reinstall UiPath to solve this problem wiithout lost any “connection” (training results, projects, etc.) and/or re-dowload and/or re-registred it ?
I run my Diagnostic tool where I collect some information. Who can understand it ?
My goal is to have the right enviroment for to prepare to exam certification.

Thanks in advance for you help.
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Roberto Alaimo