Difference between the installed version of orchestrator and the link given in orchestrator course?

I am very new to UiPath/RPA development, and I am totally lost.
I was taking Level 2 - Orchestrator course, and it introduced a website URL: https:// platform. uipath. com/
from which you can create an account and access Orchestrator.

But I have seen people asking on this forum how/where to install orchestrator.
Does that mean there is a desktop application version of orchestrator, aside from the browser version of orchestrator?

What is the difference? If I want to, in the near future, create an automation project for a client, and introduce that project to their computer, which version of orchestrator do I need to use? Both?
Are they any different? I am confused. Can anyone please help me understand this.


Welcome to UiPath community.

To answer your query, platform.uiapth.com is supplied by UiPath for RPA Community for testing, training/learning, no commercial use.

But, if you buy a license you can set up your own DB and host orchestrator over the IIS from your system. More details are here : Prerequisites

Platform is not to be used for commercial/client use.

Hope this helps.

Regards :slight_smile:


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