Certification topics confusion

I want to do RPA Associate Certification.
I study based on UiPath RPA Associate Certification Training course in uipath academy, but the video trainings in ‘Orchestrator for RPA Developers’ section is not updated (it cover UiPath Orchestrator, Robot, and Studio 2020.10).
So I am confused about exam. Dose it include 2021 orchestrator or the old one in training?



I suggest to check below and register for the below course link



Hope this may help you


I have registered for that course but that course cover old orchestrator.


Oh okay, I didn’t get a chance to look into that

Anyway, mean time you can refer the docs of UiPath, Which will give you very detailed information

Check below for your reference



You can change the documentation version to 2020.10 which will useful for certification

Also looping forum manager to look into and take appropriate action

@loginerror please look into this issue


Hi @afsaneh_keivani,

Inside the course info, they have said it is applicable for the newer versions as well. And check the updated date

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