Difference between Front office and Back office robot


I want a robot to perform 2 different tasks on two different machines. So which robot should i use front office or back office robot? What will be the difference?



Back Office Robots:

 * Doesn’t need human intervention
 * Use UiPath Orchestrator to initialize them
 * Source code is also located at Orchestrator when published
 * It uses **Orchestrator** as server

Front Office Robots:

* Needs human intervention
* Works on the same user’s desktop machne
* Source code is located on the samehne
* It uses **Front office serve** as server



Hi @jamnanin,

It is really hard to answer your question with the information you have provided, please provide the process details you want to automate on the 2 machines.



I have to 2 computers which have diff formats of excel files,which I want to send via email. I want a single robot to do both these things on these 2 computers…ie.
in computer 1 do task 1
and in computer 2 do task 2.
at different timeframes. How will I do this?