Ui Path Back Office Robot Capability

Hi All,

Can i know the functionality of Ui Path Back Office Robot and Front office Robot that makes its capability very High?
In what all fields it can show Back office Robot capability very high?


Just for a reference , this might gibe you some insight on Frond Office and Back Office Robot.

Thanks for sharing the slide. But my concern is how can i validate these points that make my Back Office Robot capability very high…

@somya177, Back Office robot works in an UN-Attended Environment.

Front office robots are triggered by human, and only then it starts running and completes its task.

Certain scenarios requires a front office robot to work , and certain one’s requires Back office robot to work.
That is why there is a privilege of having Both these robots.

But still, as per my experience and scenarios that I have come across, Back Office Robot’s is more often used.

Because, normally we try automate those process which has a well defined process and the BOT would be able to map that process . Once that is done we can schedule it directly from orchestrator and it will start running.

GO through this as this might give you some more insight on this