In my process i have used front office robot

Hi Guys,

In my process i have designed a bot ,but my system is get locked in between.Will my bot will execute the process?if not why?
what are the main differences between front office robot and back office robot?

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Hey @rpadev

Back Office Robots:

  • Doesn’t need human intervention
  • Use UiPath Orchestrator to initialize them
  • Source code is also located at Orchestrator when published
  • It uses Orchestrator as server

Front Office Robots:

  • Needs human intervention
  • Works on the same user’s desktop machne
  • Source code is located on the samehne
  • It uses Front office serve as server

what does it mean? can you please explain in detail.

hey @Rishabh_Lakhera ,thanks for your reply.i understood the differences but while the process is executing can i lock (pressing windows+L)my system .

Please refer to this link for further details


Your desktop will loose Connection after some time, So you have to maintain Interactive session with the desktop. So You just Invoke the Main Workflow using Invoke Workflow Interactive , it will maintain the Interactive session. Yes you can lock the System.