Difference between Community Edition and Academic Alliance Edition?

Hi, can please clarify what are the differences between the UI Path Community Edition and Academic Alliance Edition? in terms of functionalities and others.

Hi @AnJoe_Ang

As per my Knowledge,

Uipath Community Edition is noting but Trail version/Free version providing UiPath,The community edition specifically will only provide you with 3 bots: 1 unattended and 2 attended. This is a good solution for small solutions or small companies.

Academic Alliance Edition, This for Students at college level to learn UiPath,

You can find more information about Academic Alliance Edition,

UiPath_Academic_Alliance_Program_Guide.pdf (1.9 MB)


Hi Latika

Thanks for the brochure. Inside, it mentions about using the Community Edition too, instead of the Academic Alliance Edition, which the course will provides free to the students/learners.

Just curious about whether there is a difference in functionalities between both editions, because I’m going through the course now, and they requests to uninstall the Community Edition and install the Academic Alliance Edition.

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I still don’t know if their functionalities are the same or different. Are you confirming both editions are the same?

functionalities wise both are same but Academic Alliance Edition- Training program will be different and explain bit depth in topic.