Difference between Build data table and Generate Data Table


Can anybody explain me about the difference between Build data table and Generate Data Table please?I have used the build data table to create tables dynamically and to test other activities for DataTables.But need to know when to use Generate Data Table activity.



To my knowledge, you use Generate data table on unstructured data. And you use Build datatable to build a datatable from scratch and add/subtract from it.

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Build datatable - you can create datatable with specific data .
for example : you can create table with column name - Age , Iā€™d , name etc
Link for reference : https://activities.uipath.com/docs/build-data-table

Generate Datatable : you can convert string into datatype . In this case data is unstructured , you can give this data- the form of table by separating it with some separator value (string)
Link for reference : https://activities.uipath.com/docs/build-data-table

I will suggest , try it once in UIPath . You will get clear understanding of the use of the both activity easily.