Difference between different ways of building Data table

Is there any difference between creating data table by using build data table activity and then output the read range from excel sheet to this data table created before Or the second way by read range and assign new varible of type DT by ctrl + k in the output cell? and if there is difference Is it technical or just more systematic.
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lthe read range output will replace the datatable prior configured by build datatable
Does mean:
Build DataTable: ColA, ColB
Excel: tabular data of 3 cols
Result dtData after read range: 3 cols as we had in Excel

So read range is not something like merging / adding to the preconfigured datatable from build datatable

Thanks for your answer.
I get what you say, but my main question briefly is if there any purpose of using “Build Data Table” activity before reading the excel sheet instead of creating it through reading range activity “in the output cell”.

no, when using read range and no variable is available we recommend variable creation with ctrl + k. When variable is to overwrite then just assign the variable name

We use build datatable e.g. when a datatable is to prepare and used (read, poulate new rows) later in the flow

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I get the answer, It has been most helpful. Thank you so much.

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