How to store Value in to data table

Hi Team,
I have some data in assets like 20;30;40;50;60; and i need to split that data and store this data into build data table column
what i need to do?

Go through the link , detail explanation is given !!!

I think the activity Generate Data Table is more suitable for your dilema.
Generate Data Table
Here the link to the activity explanation on how to use it.

You also can use the string split option, and then store into excel file.


  1. Build datatable
  2. Spilt method and access it individually using their index
  3. Add data Row activity

But here we don’t use excel bro.

Hi @uday_kumar

There are few things that can be done…

The best suitable one for you is the Build Data Table activity. It will help you design and build the datatable in the workflow itself.

Next, use the string values you got from the asset/ assets and split them by the ‘;’ or any other value which can be used to do so…

To split, you can use the below code in an assign activity

Now, since you have the values separated, you can add them to the datatable you created easily by using the Invoke Method activity which is similar to below…


Hope it helps!! :slight_smile:


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