Difference between attended and unattended bots

Hello all,

I want to purchase a bot, now can you please tell me all the difference between an attended and an unattended robot.
The unattended bot is much more expensive than the attended one, but I can perform the same task in both of them, can you please tell me the reason for the price difference.
I already am familiar with the back office work and no human intervention.

thanks in advance.

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Hello @modsoul.

Please go through links below,



Thanks for the quick reply Pankaj.

I have already gone through that link, so it tells us two things about unattended bot advantage.

  1. back office work
  2. no human intervention.

The pricing for the unattended is a lot more compared to the attended one. I was wondering if it was only for the above two reasons, or there are more reasons to go with an unattended bot.


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Unattended Robots usually take over much longer, more demanding process, then attended bots in my experience. Attended robots help the user’s speed when performing their duties in the form of tasks. It can make a great assistant, but a benefit from the solutions is going to depend on the user’s relationship with the robot.

Unattended Robots, on the other hand, have the potential to run 24 hours. The returns of this and benefits I can see much greater because the robot is potential handling whole process with little intervention open the chance to push much more benefit out of this robot then the attended. This is based on what I have encountered. So to tie it all together, to answer your question, the price difference is due to ROI in the form of benefits, and even the demand of the Unattended Robots.