Difference between attended and unattended bots



Hello all,

I want to purchase a bot, now can you please tell me all the difference between an attended and an unattended robot.
The unattended bot is much more expensive than the attended one, but I can perform the same task in both of them, can you please tell me the reason for the price difference.
I already am familiar with the back office work and no human intervention.

thanks in advance.


Hello @modsoul.

Please go through links below,



Thanks for the quick reply Pankaj.

I have already gone through that link, so it tells us two things about unattended bot advantage.

  1. back office work
  2. no human intervention.

The pricing for the unattended is a lot more compared to the attended one. I was wondering if it was only for the above two reasons, or there are more reasons to go with an unattended bot.