Difference between Attended and Unattended Robot

Lets say I am a very clever guy and want to save money.
Unattended costs 8k - Attended costs 1.2k
I dont want to pay 8k for an unattended bot and execute all my automation using an attended bot.
Now I can simply set up a VM, install my attended bot there and start the attended bot using orcestrator.
What stops me from doing this, maybe I don´t quite understand the difference between Attended and Unattended?


Here you go with the difference between them

and one more thing

we wont be able to trigger a attended bot from orchestrator only we can manage while unattended bot can be triggered from orchestrator

Cheers @ClemensSteinbauer


So if I want to run 1 unattended bot in a production environment, I must pay 20k for orchestrator and 8k for the unattended Robot?

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I m not sure about the price buddy
but you would get in turn for those pays, because its going to automate your process, and increase your productivity
for more details on the pricing

Cheers @ClemensSteinbauer

okay, but I need Orchestrator to start a Unattended Robot?

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of course buddy
only then it becomes unattended right

And is the VM where the bot runs, included in the price of the Unattended bot or do I need to provide my own VM?

your most welcome. @ClemensSteinbauer

If you’re using the UiPath cloud platform they handle it for you. If you want to run orchestrator and robot on premise then you definitely have to provide your own infrastructure.
Your best bet on these topics would be to call the UiPath sales and support guys and have a sit down discussion with them about what you need and your budget. The general community is not going to be able to help out with Licensing questions in an accurate manner.

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