Did not receive UiPARD Certificate post clearing the exam

I cleared My UiARD exam eight days back, didn’t receive the certificate credential email yet.
I have heard that all the people who clear the exam receive the certificate within 5 days, UiPath Support is not responding with a proper solution.
Has this happened to anybody else?
Anybody has any suggestions or solution for this problem?

UiPath - Candidate Login - CertMetrics.

from this link you can download your certificate
did you check this link ever?

yes, I tried this link but the exam is not reflecting there.
Apparently UiPath will be using Accredible as the digital credential provider from now on.

In that case you can check your mail properly again ?
and also its better to contact UiPath support . it will take maximum 10 business days to process your certificate i guess.

I’m experiencing similar issue. May i know the resolution please

If you have changed your email Id at any point of time after creating UiPath aacount , there is a chance that your certificate is still linked to your old email account.

This is what happened to me - Even though I updated my Email in Certmetrics before giving the exam, My certificate credentials were still linked to my old email account(which is deactivated now).

If this is can be the case for you then raise a ticket in Contact UiPath Learning
Request related to - Digital Credential
sub category- Other
ask them to update you email.
My issue got resolved within 5 mins of raising this ticket.

In my case, i didn’t change my email id

Iam also didn’t receive my digital credentials via mail which is orange in colour

I have not changes email id at anyplace
@Jagadeesh_B did you get solution for that

I am also facing a similar issue. Been a month since clearing the certification exam, still No Digital Badge or Certification PDF in Certmetrics account. Support not replying with a proper answer.

Please guide as to how to proceed now, Totally Clueless :frowning:

Normally the certification team can be reached directly for support here. Please let me know in case you are running into some issues.

My friend has completed his exam and passed successfully but still haven’t got his certification.


Sometimes it takes longer thank 2 weeks. Keep patience and your friend will receive it soon.

Ashok :slightly_smiling_face:

He needs it by today or tomorrow because its urgent to show that certificate to someone before 28th march. Is there any way we could talk to some agent and get it soon. Kindly waiting for your reply.

In that case I don’t think there would be that much faster but hope your friend already raised this with support team. If not please do that.

Ashok :slightly_smiling_face: