DialogFlow responses and integrations with Uipath


I’m not completely sure this is the place to ask, but I know there is so many helpfull people in this community.

The case is;

I’ve made a very simple workflow in Uipath, it only shows a messagebox and assigns an out argument.
I’ve made a simple and partially working dialogflow chatbot that will greet the user, the intent “Create item” is made and training phrases has been made, a parameter has been created but this is where my questions appear.

To sum up - I have a workflow published in the Orchestrator, I have a dialogflow mapped to the workflow but the steps for the robots is a bit unclear to me.

  1. Iv’e created an entity type and put in around 40 “item numbers” - the chatbot will only recognize those entities as the itemnumber in the chat, my hope was, that if I provided enough it would detect the pattern - but thats not the case. Any good ideas how to proceed, so that I don’t have to type in all 30.000 item numbers
  2. The robot is collecting the itemnumber that is listed in the entities, and responds byt executing the workflow via Orchestrator - I would like to to have the robot to do the following;
  • Greet the user
  • Receive the answer
  • ask or being told to “create item”
  • ask which item number to be created
  • Receive the item number from user
  • respond something like "You’ve asked me to create “itemnumber” and execute the workflow
  • Give a respond “I’m working on it” (and wait for the workflow to complete and receive the output from the workflow"
  • Respond to the user that the item has been created successfully

Right now the workflow stops after the execution of the workflow.

Does it make any sense?

Hope someone can help or point me in some direction.